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Love this stuff! I get deep cracks in my heels and this stuff heals them in a flash!!!!
- Jodi C. Eckert-Bamberger

I've used this ointment for years. Any skin rash or irritation. Its also good on skin irritations caused by allergic reactions. I use this to exfoliate skin cell from the face. It acts as a light peel. It's my wonder ointment.
- Patricia Jackson

It's been around forever and it does exactly what it says it will cure.
- Deirdre Coleman

It's very effective for ringworm, applied on my back and the ringworm infected skin is peeling off.
- Yong Keong

It kills almost everything I use it like grey Duck Tape.
- Regina Head

I have had a rash across my hands for almost 2 years. I've tired everything from diaper rash, femine rash, athletes foot cream, tons of options, are just a few of the many items I have used to no end. I've gone to 2 different doctors and still no cure. Then one day I had helped work on my house and looked down and saw every knuckle cracked and bleeding. It hurt so bad! I was on the verge of tears. So I ran to the store thinking "oh great something that won't work again." I grabbed this product off the shelf because I had never heard of it or tried it. In 3 days I went from bleeding, extremely itchy, dry, scappy skin, to it almost gone. By day 5 I have just one small spot left and it's disappearing to. I even had my nails done being for once I wasn't embarrassed of my skin. My fellow coworks suffer from the same thing, being our job and the gloves we wear. I have suffered and they knew how miserable it felt. Then I walked in and said I found something for us that will work And no doctor visit required. Thank you for a product that actually works! I will continue to use Blue Star, for its a product that does exactly what it says. Again a million thanks. Sincerely relieved and can sleep without scratching.
- Kasey

this is worth the money I use it on my Dog and He is so happy now He has the prettiest coat that you would want to look at.
- Willie R HugginsSr

My sister in law and I have dealt with smelly feet for years. Tried everything. My dad said try Blue Star. We put it on the bottoms of our feet and wore socks to bed. Just that one time and instantly stopped the smelly feet.
- Annie

They should call THIS the wonder drug. I first used this in 1988 for a terrible case of jock itch. This got rid of it in a few days. I've been singing its praises ever since.
- Will Simmons

5 Star 4 Sure... I use Blue Star 4 Everything
- Janet Workcuff

I have a bad rash on my neck.I'm not sure if it's beginning of psoriasisi or what but, I've tried everything. Cocoa butter,aloe,vitamin E.Everything you can think of! I started using Blue Star Ointment Saturday and I'm already seeing improvement! I love it!
- Travis B

I've been using this for years.Have sons with dry,cracking,itching feet and jock itch.Best thing I could have found that actually works.I have also used this for an fungi nail.I did not cure it but I stopped the spread of it to other nails.
- Katie Cle

This stuff wonderful for dry skin,eczema,jock itch,ring worm.I have never heard of it and saw it at Walmart.We tried it and it worked.Thank you, and please a bigger container.
- Amanda Ko

I want to thank the makers of this product--I had rash at top of thighs and testicle are for almost ten years-this stuff cleared it up in about a week--I tried everything but this stuff performs miracles and now every now and then I just apply for maintenance.-THANK YOU
- Dave Shea
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