Bug Bite Relief

Take the Itch Out of Mosquito bites.

Blue Star Ointment is a Perfect Itch Treatment for the Whole Family

Mosquito Bite Tips and Prevention.

The best way avoid mosquito bites is to avoid being bitten. We recommend individuals dress in long pants and wear shirts with sleeves, use insect repellent appropriately, and avoid areas where “bugs” live (for example, high grass, old wood piles, dark and damp areas). People need to be more cautious during the spring and summer months.

How to Identify a Mosquito Bite:

In general, most mosquito bites are simply an annoyance. Common symptoms of Mosquito bites include:
– mild burning
-localized and minor swelling and/or pain
-Mild to severe itching

The Blue Star Ointment effect: for Mosquito Bites

1. Clean affected area with mild soap
2. Apply a small amount of Blue Star Ointment with a cotton swab to affected area
3. Repeat as necessary for itch treatment

CAUTION: Spider bites, ant bites, bee or wasp stings or other venomous insect bites or stings can result in serious medical conditions and/or allergic reactions. Never use Blue Star Ointment as an anti-itch treatment on any Spider bites, ant bites, bee or wasp stings or other venomous insect bites. Instead, please consult a physician immediately.

NOTE: For sensitive skin, dilute Blue Star Ointment. To dilute, combine one part petroleum jelly and one part Blue Star Ointment. Apply as directed.

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