Athlete’s Foot Relief

Trust our Time Tested Ointment to Provide Comfort for Peeling, Itching, Cracking and Burning Feet.

Athlete’s foot, also known as “tinea pedi” and ringworm of the foot, is a fungal infection that affects the feet and toes. Tinea pedi affects the upper layer of skin on the feet and toes. When the foot is in a moist, warm environment, like shoes, the fungi can grow into a painful nuisance. Athlete’s foot can cause redness, itching, burning, peeling skin, cracked skin and thick abnormal toenails. In short, athlete’s foot not only causes pain, it is a pain to deal with.

Irritated, blistered, painfully itching feet don’t have to be a life sentence. Look no further than Blue Star Ointment for comfort and relief from athlete’s foot.

Some causes of Athlete’s Foot:

Coming into contact with an infected person or infected surface
Walking barefoot in public looker rooms, public showers or other public spaces
Excessive sweaty and wet feet
Repeatedly wearing unclean/damp socks and/or shoes

The Blue Star Ointment effect: For Athlete’s Foot


1. Wash feet well and pat dry
2. Apply a layer of Blue Star Ointment to the affected area on feet and in between toes
3. Apply socks or air dry
4. Repeat twice daily

***Conditions lasting longer than 4 weeks should seek medical attention.

NOTE: For sensitive skin, dilute Blue Star Ointment. To dilute, combine one part petroleum jelly and one part Blue Star Ointment. Apply as directed.

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