Winter is Coming (No, Really)

White WalkerMaybe the White Walkers just need a little relief from that dry, chapped skin

Are you missing Game of Thrones as much as we are? Last season left us with so many questions! (Spoilers ahead.)

Is Jon Snow DOA or just AWOL? Will Tyrion sober up enough to help the Khaleesi? Will Sansa kill Ramsay? How could we help make that happen? Also, why don’t the characters in Winterfell and Castle Black ever mention their annoying winter skin itch?

…OK, maybe that last one is just us. At Blue Star Ointment, we’re even more obsessed with skin care than we are with GoT. And with winter coming in the real world, here are five winter itch dangers you should know about. They’re not as scary as White Walkers, but White Walkers aren’t real. We hope.

Danger #1:
Dermatologists call winter itch “xerotic eczema,” and it rears its ugly, scaly head as a result of a drop in temperature. Senior citizens are especially at-risk, but it’s common among people in their teens and twenties, too.
Be prepared! Taking extra care of your skin before the first freeze pays off all season long. Moisturize, exfoliate, and make sure you get enough Omega 3s in your diet. These healthy fats not only help your skin retain moisture, but they help prevent the winter blah moods!

Danger #2
As if cold weren’t irritating enough, indoor heating robs the air of humidity, so your skin dries out even faster. This can lead to cracking, peeling, redness, and tiny blister-like bumps.
Invest in a humidifier. If you replace the missing moisture in your home or workplace, your skin, sinuses, and even your eyeballs will thank you. Keeping your bedroom air moist while you sleep is an especially smart idea.

Danger #3

Wintertime is cold and flu season. Frequent hand washing helps protect you from nasty germs, but it’s rough on winter-dry hands.
Add this to your list of healthy habits: apply a generous dollop of moisturizer every time you wash! This is most effective if you lotion up while your hands are still slightly damp, to lock in moisture.

Danger #4
When its cold outside, we tend to forget about sunscreen. But winter sports like skiing, skating, sledding, and snowball fights expose you to damaging UV rays. A painful, itchy sunburn on top of dry winter skin is bad news.
Stay sun safe! Spread on the broad-spectrum stuff even after the weather turns wintry. Most sunscreens contain moisturizing ingredients too, so it’s a win-win for your skin.

Danger #5:
The light, scented lotions we use in the warmer months just can’t stand up to winter itch and dryness. What’s the use of smelling like a coconut if you’re scratching yourself raw?
Heavier skin creams are better than lotion at protecting your skin from winter itch. But do you know what protects even better than cream? Ointment. Especially an ointment that exfoliates dead dry skin cells, soothes itch, and provides deep, long-lasting moisture for healthy skin all season long. That’s why our customers have made Blue Star Ointment part of their winter arsenal for 95 years.


Come to think of it, the Night’s Watch should probably stock up, too. If you’re reading this, HBO, hit us up for a free jar. And please, kill off Ramsay next season.

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