New Year’s Resolution: Better Physical Foot-ness

Athlete’s Foot Ointment

Athlete's Foot OintmentHappy New Year’s Resolution Month!

You’ve been consistent every year; every January 1st, you make exercise a resolution, and by every February 1st, you break it. Not this time, though, Continue Reading »

Fantasy Football: Gaming the System


fantasy football

Fall is here: FOOTBALL IS BACK!

But not just on the sidelines; we’re talking couch-side. Because like you, we know that fantasy football is truly America’s Game. A weekly epic battle of wits between you, your wife, co-workers, brother-in-law, people on the Internet and, it turns out, Continue Reading »

Athlete’s: Trouble Afoot?

Long-distance running.

We all know that exercise is great for the body and mind!  Whether you like to swim, bike, or just walk the dog, exercise boosts overall health in a big way. Even light to moderate exercise lowers cholesterol, helps to regulate blood sugar, burns calories and improves heart Continue Reading »

More than just Itch Relief


Blue Star Ointment treats everything from dry, cracked skin to mosquito bites and sweaty, itchy feet.

But that’s not the only reason to reach for a jar. Our customers report that Blue Star Ointment has become part of Continue Reading »

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