New Year’s Resolution: Better Physical Foot-ness

Athlete’s Foot Ointment

Athlete's Foot OintmentHappy New Year’s Resolution Month!

You’ve been consistent every year; every January 1st, you make exercise a resolution, and by every February 1st, you break it. Not this time, though, we can feel it: You’ve gone to the gym every day this week. You’ve got more muscle definition. You can close that top button. 2016: the year of exercise glory!

But yikes… your feet are a red, scaly mess, attacked by a horrifying itch that threatens your workout routine. It’s Athlete’s Foot, the anti-fitness fungus monster. It prowls in locker rooms, showers, and pool decks. Even yoga mats aren’t safe. To unaware victims who walk barefoot on gym floors, or stay in sweaty socks and tight sneakers, the creature comes in the dark…

Don’t let Athlete’s Foot stomp your dreams, fitness warrior.

The gym is a battlefield. You smashed doubt. You vanquished inactivity. You built the perfect cardio playlist, and overcame your fear of the rowing machine. Now you can de-feet Athlete’s Foot (sorry). Let Blue Star Ointment be your armor!

Apply our time-tested formula to your post-workout, post-showered, well-dried feet, especially between the toes. Our powerful barrier protects your skin from scales, cracks, and peeling. If you’re already fighting the fungus, Blue Star Ointment’s time-tested formula relieves itch, cools irritation, and kills the infection.

Boom! We’re on your side, champ. Fitness is a journey that begins with one step… then continues with many, many more. So you’d better mind your feet.

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