From Celebrity Skin to Your Skin: Some Eczema Do’s and Don’ts


Embarrassed by your eczema? You’re not alone – there are 30 million of us in the U.S. We hide our red, irritated skin under long sleeves. Swimsuit season causes us severe anxiety. And if a flare-up occurs on our wedding day, should we wear a windbreaker over our open-backed Continue Reading »

Beat the heat, LOVE your feet!

walking in sand

Are your dogs barkin’? How neglected are your tootsies? Well, they’re not alone – many feet go unloved, even though foot health has a big impact on overall health. If your feet aren’t ship-shape, you are more likely to develop Continue Reading »

Smart Skin

Digital skin

Forget your laptop, your phone, and your gaming console. Your body is your smartest device. Your internal operating system keeps all your organs running, including the largest one: your skin. Think of skin as your beautiful waterproof case, keeping your internal structure and mechanisms safe from damage, while Continue Reading »

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