Back to School with Blue Star


Dear Moms,

We loved seeing all your “first day of school” pics on social media recently. Those snaggle-tooth grins and prized lunchboxes! Your ‘tweens in trendy haircuts trying hard to appear casual! Your high-schoolers showing off their varsity basketball jerseys! The excitement beams off the screen… and not just from the students. We knew that for each back-to-school kid photo, there was a proud Mom behind the camera who finally, maybe, has a little time to yourself.

Live it up, Moms! Fall is here! You can enjoy a whole cup of coffee without interruption! You can go almost a whole day without hearing “Let It Go!” We hope you’re reading this blog post in a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

But fall brings its own set of endless Mom tasks, too. That Jack o’ lantern isn’t going to carve itself, and the homework battles have begun.

But here’s one back-to-school struggle we can solve: itchy kid skin.

Here are some very common itch causes that your kids face in the autumn season.

There are many allergy triggers at your kids’ school. Even great facilities tend to have dust, mold, and cleaning chemicals as part of their environment. It’s very common for kids to experience allergic reactions to these substances, especially after a summer off. And if they already have eczema or other skin sensitivities, you may have a scratching student on your hands.

Blue Star Ointment soothes allergic itch, while its moisturizers provide a barrier to protect the skin from infection.

There’s often a big difference between the temperature and humidity outdoors and indoors. School buildings are often over-heated or over-air conditioned, leading to dry, itchy skin.

Applying Blue Star Ointment to commonly dry areas like the elbows, knees, heels, and hands keeps the itch away and prevents a little dry skin from becoming a big problem.

Everybody’s favorite fungus is highly contagious! The beginning of the school year is notorious for ringworm mini-epidemics, especially in elementary school. Kiddos are crowded together as they share materials, play and learn in close proximity, and touch the surfaces of common areas like the cafeteria, the playground and each other. We know many a schoolteacher who keeps a jar of Blue Star Ointment at hand just in case they get it, too.

The good news is that Blue Star Ointment is a safe, proven-effective ringworm remedy used for generations. Apply a dab to those tell-tale itchy raised circles several times a day for relief, protection, and to speed recovery time. For your kiddos with sensitive skin, dilute Blue Star with a little Vaseline first.

Down here in Texas, fall is famous for school football. But we don’t play favorites and neither does Athlete’s Foot. Whether your energetic teenager is passing the pigskin, mastering the backstroke, dominating the dance team or strutting their stuff in marching band, things can get dicey, fast. There’s nothing like the combo of athletic equipment, sweat, and moist locker room floors to make for itchy, scaly, painful, peeling (not to mention gross) feet.

Protect your young athlete by telling them to wash their gym socks, clean their equipment, wear flip-flops in the shower or on the pool deck, and to dry carefully between their toes after every bath or shower. A light application of Blue Star Ointment is good protection, too, and a longtime go-to remedy when Athlete’s Foot symptoms start to creep in.


…We hope we haven’t grossed you out, Moms. But as your school kids grow, so do the many wonderful opportunities to get itchy. Face the fall with confidence and a couple of jars of Blue Star Ointment, and savor the moments you can have to yourself while the kids are off in the world of education. We wish we could help you make them do their math homework, but at least when they come home with a case of the back-to-school itches, we’ll be right here for you.


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